Microsoft Teams business phone replacements

There has been a lot of interest from clients wanting to move from their current phone systems to the new Microsoft Teams calling functionality. We have now rolled this technology out to a few clients, and our own Newmarket, Auckland Office will be moved to Teams calling during February.

Microsoft are releasing extra functionality around Microsoft Teams calling at a steady rate, and the appeal of using teams for Chat, Video conferencing, SharePoint access and calling (among other things) is hard to disagree with.

Some of the benefits of MS Teams calling:

  • Reliable Teams application on PC, Android, IOS that gets constant updates automatically
  • Voicemail to email which transcribes into text so you can read it easily
  • Management of the system is from the Office 365 admin portal

Microsoft Windows 10 major updates – important!

In addition to a steady stream of Security updates which are released fortnightly, the way Microsoft releases major operating system feature releases has changed. Major versions are released approximately every 6 months. These feature release updates are quite large and can take a bit of time to install in the background and then a long windows restart, so we do not push them to the PCs we manage. It’s very important you are running the latest version of Windows 10 as it is the most secure and feature rich. The table below shows the version history. All of your Windows 10 machines should be running version 1909.

VersionRelease date
1507July 29, 2015
1511November 10, 2015
1607August 2, 2016
1703April 5, 2017
1709October 17, 2017
1803April 30, 2018
1809November 13, 2018
1903May 21, 2019
1909November 12, 2019

To see which version of Windows 10 you are running tap the Windows key on your keyboard (bottom left key which looks like a 4 section flag) and type winver into the start menu and press enter. You will get a box popup as below which will show the version. If it shows anything older than 1909 you should run Windows update on your PC and install all available updates. We suggest doing this when you don’t need the machine for some time as the updates can take a while to finish installing.

If you have any issues, please contact our Service Desk on 09 527 2100 or

Microsoft has released a new web browser

On January 15 Microsoft released the new version of Microsoft Edge. It is based on Chromium (which Google chrome is also based on). The integration with your Office 365 account and enhanced search capability of cloud and local files make this browser worth a look, it’s also fast and has a good level of security. Previously Chrome has held the edge in speed and usability (in my opinion) but this release from Microsoft changes things.

Should you wish to install this browser the link to download is below, note the option to import Google chrome settings during installation if you wish.…

General IT Security in 2020

By now you should all be using 2 factor security for key systems. 2 factor simply means to log into a system requires something you know (a password), and something you have (a code from an application or hardware token). We see a reasonable number of systems being hacked, but to date none with 2 factor protection have been breached that we know of.

Office 365 for example has a very straight forward 2 factor option, that should be enabled for all staff