At Fission we’ve always liked to challenge ourselves, our clients and the IT industry to raise the bar on all aspects of business. Growth for us is at the forefront of this and we have continued to grow steadily over 12 years. Recently Fission made the decision to join forces with a number of other professional service providers to create a new business called OneHQ. OneHQ was born out of the idea that businesses have much broader needs than just one service, so we have come together to provide kiwi businesses with the core professional services they need – accounting, IT, lending and business advisory – under one roof. Over the next month or two Fission will be going through a transition and going forward we will be known as OneHQ. The Fission team are really excited about the opportunities that await us as a team and believe this is a great opportunity for all involved. On behalf of all of us at Fission, we’d like to thank you for taking this journey with us so far and we look forward to continuing working with you as OneHQ.