We are happy to announce Adriaan as an additional team member on our support desk. Adriaan is Dean’s brother, and a lot of you will have dealt with Dean over the years.

IT Security projects are an increasingly large percentage of the work we are doing in recent months. The clients that have invested in a good firewall, have an extra layer of email filtering, cloud backups, and strong password policies are certainly being affected much less than the ones without, but often it requires an IT security event before the true value of these things are recognized. Most businesses will have IT systems/Data loss on their risk register, but its the actions taken that count.

Congratulations to Ben, Steven C and James S here for their recent Microsoft Server 2016 and Cloud tech certifications.


UFB Speeds to International websites and cloud services


There is often a misunderstanding as to the difference between internet access speeds and potential international traffic speeds. Whilst your UFB connection might supply you a 200mb connection speed, that is effectively the speed between your location and the Exchange that your ISP uses. Once your traffic leaves there it is at the mercy of other network speeds, and when it leaves NZ to head off overseas to connect to things like Office 365 and other cloud services your ISP hands that traffic over to other companies.

There are many factors that can affect international speeds, most of which are not under the control of the ISP.  Your router/firewall, the receiving/sending connection speed, it’s available capacity at any given moment, the limits it may apply on individual sessions, the distance and latency to get to/from that location all affect performance.

The bottom line is if you increase your UFB speed from 100mb to 200mb, or 1000mb, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will  see any quicker speeds to the overseas services, but your national traffic will be faster.

There are certainly premium internet services available that offer guaranteed minimum international bandwidth, but these can be quite expensive.


Microsoft News


Microsoft continues to push its customers into monthly subscription based services. In 2020 it is understood that Microsoft intends to only allow access to its online services (such as Office 365) to those who pay for their Microsoft Office licenses via subscription. More info

Microsoft have revealed that they are bumping up the SharePoint data storage allocation that comes with Office 365. Each company now gets 1TB plus 10GB per user. So, a 20 user site would get 1.2TB (1200GB) of usable storage space in SharePoint all included in their base Office 365 licensing.
This change will take effect in July. If you are currently paying for extra storage space that you will no longer need to, it can be adjusted once the new limits are in place.


Draytek Router Cyber Attack


There has recently been a cyber attack on Draytek routers which effectively takes over the router, and changes network settings so that your computers have their web traffic redirected to malicious/fake web pages.

When you login the criminals now have your username and password. The site will normally redirect you back to the genuine web site to avoid arousing suspicion.  This could be a banking site, social media, other financial site or anything else.

We are actively working through the sites we are aware of who still run Draytek routers to install the latest software update for the router (that was released as a fix by Draytek). If you have a Draytek router and are aware of any suspicious activity let us know asap!

More Info




You may have noticed a surge in the last month or so of notifications from various companies you have used in the past who are sending out email notifications of their new terms. This stems from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations which came into effect on May 25th.

The GDPR is a directive our of Europe which effectively puts regulatory teeth into governmental guidance about how EU member states handle personally identifiable information.
The fines in the EU are large for non-compliance, so companies are taking notice.

More info on how it can affect NZ based companies


PC Productivity Tips


WINDOWS 10 – Did you know – you can log into a computer with a PIN number, a fingerprint, a webcam, a picture password, so there are plenty of options to make logins easy on your device!

OUTLOOK – Setup one-click Quick Steps to move emails to certain folders quickly More info

EXCEL – Quickly add an entire column or row by clicking in the first empty cell in the column. Then enter ALT + ‘=’ (equals key) to add up the numbers in every cell above.

WORD – The wrong formatting can really mess up a document, whether you’ve edited it yourself or pasted it in from somewhere else. Use Ctrl+Space or click the Clear All Formatting button (an eraser on an A on the Home tab) to remove formatting from highlighted text.

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