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Microsoft Teams Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is a great reference to get working and get productive in Microsoft Teams. The sheet has a list of all the most common and important functions and is a great reference card and even if you've been using Teams for a while we're sure you'll discover something new. View, print and download the cheat sheet below.

May 2020 IT Update

Hello from the last few days of L3 Lockdown (we think). Like most of you - the last couple of months has been the strangest time in our business history! As we fast approach being able to return to our physical offices, we recognize that there have been some learnings in relation to how we can work from home in a productive manner. One of the first things we will be doing is a full staff survey to [...]

April 2020 IT Update

Hello out there! We have been as stunned as everyone else with the impact of Covid 19, and our service desk went through possibly its busiest ever period in the first few weeks of lockdown. We are fortunate to use a technology stack that allows us to work from anywhere, but like a lot of businesses we had a few logistical challenges such as dealing with any freight that arrived at the office when everyone was working [...]

Knowing When Not to Grow as a Business

Business growth is one of the biggest challenge’s entrepreneurs face, there is a fine line between scaling success and scaling failure. The key is to know when to grow and when to not. No one knows the ins and outs of growing a business more than Niran Iswar, co-founder and Director of NexGen Group. We sat down with Niran to ask him his thoughts on when business owners need to recognise to push the breaks, sit back and not [...]

Warren Hughes – Get back to technology basics

I’ve been mulling over some things lately; this quote, from noted futurist and scientist Roy Amara, sums up my feelings: ‘The problem is that we (business owners) tend to overestimate the effect technology has on us in the short run, and over underestimate the impact in the long run.’ I agree. SMEs are such a big part of the economy, but they need providers with innovative ways to deploy technology to improve outcomes like productivity, efficiency and growth. I’ve [...]

Technology September update

2 Factor security for your Key business applications In recent months we have made a big push to remind clients that turning on 2 factor protection for things like Office 365 is a must! 2 factor protection effectively means that there are two bits of information required to log into a key system – One thing you know (a password) and one thing you have (mobile app or similar). It is rare for us to go longer than a [...]