Lending you can bank on

Lending you can bank on

ONE PLACE FOR YOUR Lending Services

Quickly and easily get the finance you need with hassle-free help from our experts. We call them navigators, and we chose them for their formidable experience in business and banking. They’ll help you make sense of the options and use their knowledge of the market to negotiate with banks on your behalf.

Here’s how we can help

Our lending navigators will assist you with

• How much you can afford to borrow • Access property reports on potential homes • Peruse the LIM report, building inspections and Sale and Purchase agreement • Call our navigators if you have any questions at all or you need advice.

Asset and equipment finance

Buy the asset your business needs now and spread the cost of the asset over the asset’s economic life. Our lending navigators can find you flexible finance for vehicles, plant, equipment or machinery. You can choose repayment options, low or no deposits and repayment schedules tailored to your cash flow.

Foreign exchange

Take the uncertainty out of global payments. We’ve partnered with one of the world’s most trusted foreign exchange providers to bring you fast, easy and secure FX transactions, all at great rates.

Business debt funding

Get the funding you need to manage or grow your business. We work with all the major banks to quickly and easily find your best option instead of having to answer endless and pointless questions. Many Kiwi businesses are financed by using the equity in their home or residential mortgage security to cover their business loan. Whether or not you’re using your house as security for a business loan, our expert lending navigator can help you secure the best business loan to meet the needs of your business.

Buying a house

Buying a house can be daunting! Don’t worry, many Kiwi’s feel the same way. Our lending navigators can help you avoid some of the obstacles and pitfalls many home buyers face. From the moment you decide to purchase your own home, our lending navigator will walk you through the process, giving you peace of mind, expert advice and a confidence that they have your best interests at heart.

Vehicle funding

Upgrade or expand your fleet without draining your cash reserves. Then pay the vehicles off while they’re working for your business. Whether you need a truck or van, our business navigators can offer tailored solutions to make the process a breeze.

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