We’ll help you dot 
your I’s and cross your T’s

We’ll help you dot
your I’s and cross your T’s


Your IT system should support the goals you’re striving for. We’ll get to know you and your business, partnering with you to give targeted advice, prevent
tech-related growing pains, offer technical support and help you stay competitive.

Here’s how we can help

Azure Cloud

Take your IT to new heights with the unlimited possibilities of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform paired with the unmatched service and expertise of OneHQ, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Because you want the best Cloud platform for your mission-critical applications and services. The solution is Microsoft Azure with OneHQ Managed Services.

OneHQ Cloud

OneHQ's unique cloud platform offers the stability and power of Enterprise-class Cloud infrastructure, customized to meet your exact needs. Whether you need Private, Hybrid, or Dedicated- no matter your path to the Cloud, OneHQ stands ready to get you there.

IT Security

A well-planned IT system can power your business growth and prevent problems along the way. We’ll review your goals, suggest technology to serve you best and create an agile strategy to bring your plans to life.

IT Support

End user IT support is a people business. It is people who experience the everyday problems that stand in the way of efficient working. Equally, it takes other well qualified people to resolve such problems satisfactorily. Acknowledging this, since 2007 we have put exceptional amounts of effort into recruiting talented, motivated problem-solvers, who genuinely enjoy human interaction. OneHQ support engineers are all technical experts, able to resolve IT problems swiftly.

Cloud PBX

Is your business stuck with old phone technology that doesn’t support the way you work today? Move over to the cloud for high-powered business communication and collaboration solutions that add mobility, teamwork and customer engagement.

Office 365

Run your business efficiently from any device with this secure, intelligent system. Office 365 offers a familiar set of industry-leading productivity tools and lets you easily create and share work with your team.

IT Procurement

We understand that when it comes to buying technology, there are many choices. OneHQ has been purchasing IT products for our clients for over a decade, and if we weren’t the best at sourcing IT products for our customers, we would have abandoned this competitive market long ago, like so many of our competitors. We put our wealth of experience to use, every day as we help our clients save time, save money and make the right IT purchasing decisions.

IT Consulting

We specialize in providing IT consulting services. While we definitely offer and install many of the solutions we recommend, we also offer pure IT consulting services. We will review your project and goals and will suggest what technology solutions would serve you best. Then we will evaluate firms that can sell, install, configure, monitor and maintain the solution.


Keeping critical business data secure and protected is the top priority of any IT organisation. Don’t go it alone- OneHQ's team of Managed Infrastructure experts stand ready to guard your most vital systems, networks, and resources. OneHQ's Managed Firewall Service provides crucial defense for your IT systems, with firewall and security appliance management, threat and vulnerability detection, web filtering, and more.


Reduce costs, gain agility, and enhance productivity with Managed Virtualization Services from OneHQ. OneHQ's team of virtualization experts can help your organisation achieve its infrastructure modernization goals, consolidating servers, increasing utilization, and delivering highly-responsive service for end-users. As a VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V Partner, OneHQ has the deep knowledge and robust technology platforms your company needs to accelerate IT operations.

Network Support

OneHQ Managed Network Support provides the critical connectivity technology your business needs. From managing network equipment such as routers and switches to designing and deploying enterprise-class networks, OneHQ has the expertise and experience to help your organisation achieve its networking performance goals. With around-the-clock monitoring from OneHQ's 24×7 operations team, rest assured that your network infrastructure is delivering maximum availability, performance reliability, and data security for your business.

Backup and Recovery

The threats facing IT infrastructure are ever-increasing, including power loss, floods, fires, storms and other unforeseen events. In today’s business environment, any disruption to the systems that companies rely on can have enormous costs and ramifications. OneHQ delivers proven and tested managed backup and recovery solutions that your business can trust to mitigate risk and safeguard critical resources. We have a complete portfolio of business continuity solutions, from disaster recovery consulting and planning to full restoration of mission-critical applications and services.


Save time and reduce risk with Managed Server and OS Solutions from OneHQ. Updating and maintaining servers and operating systems can quickly drain limited IT resources. Keep your staff focused on innovation and delivering new services to the business, instead of manually applying patches or installing updates. OneHQ provides the expertise and technology to manage server and OS deployments of all sizes, from SMB to Enterprise scale. OneHQ platforms enable the automation and simplification of patching, updating, installation, and monitoring, delivering streamlined infrastructure management that benefits your entire business.

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