Accounting that makes more cents

Accounting is not generally what you talk about when you’re trying to be witty and entertaining. The problem is that it’s mainly about numbers. And most people prefer to talk in words. But luckily at OneHQ we’re fluent in both.

Our team of accounting experts will make sure your finances are always on the money. Whether it’s GST returns, setting up companies or simply tracking how many widgets you sold last month we’re on it. It may be hard to believe, but our people actually love doing this stuff, which means you don’t have to. Then you can get back to being witty and entertaining talking about whatever the opposite of accounting might be. Like skydiving, deep sea treasure hunting or hog riding.

Chat to us about your numbers today. Don’t worry, we’ll mainly reply in words.

Here’s how we can help

At OneHQ we believe that being in business should be fun. And often what isn’t. is the all the boring day to day administrative stuff. The good news is that if it sounds boring to you, it sounds good for us.

With our range of professional services, we can be your team of experts behind your team. Sort of like the person in an exam that whispers you the answers when you get stuck.

Whether you need a hand with your GST, aren’t sure which cloud server to choose, or simply want to have a beer with someone that will give you some honest answers. We’re your people.

Budgets & Forecasts- We can help you manage your dollars with clever forecasting tools to keep you on budget.

Tax Returns & Advice- We know how to keep the IRD happy (yes it can happen). Minimise the tax you pay with specialist advice tailored to your business.

GST Returns- These returns can be a grind, but they need to be done. We’ll take care of your GST returns, freeing up your calendar and letting you focus on the interesting stuff. Plus, you can relax knowing it’s all been done right and well before the due date.

Financial Reports- To grow your business, you need to know where you stand. Our team of experts can decipher your numbers into a language you can understand.

Company Formation- If you’re just starting out, we can set up your company and take care of the admin so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Business Structure- Business structure impacts everything from your legal liability to the amount of tax you pay. Get it set up right, and you’ll be set up for years of excessively long lunches. Hopefully.

Due Diligence- Raising money is essential for business. Whether it’s from a bank, or your mate from the pub, we can help with any due diligence process so you have access to the funds you need.

Rental properties- We can help maximise your rental’s potential, keeping track of all income streams, tax liabilities and those pesky expenses.