We specialize in providing IT consulting services. While we definitely offer and install many of the solutions we recommend, we also offer pure IT consulting services. We will review your project and goals and will suggest what technology solutions would serve you best. Then we will evaluate firms that can sell, install, configure, monitor and maintain the solution.

By using an IT consultant you can cut through advertising spin and ensure you are being provided details on all possible solutions not just the more profitable ones. We research the market and let you know what exists, what is recommend and why. You ultimately make the decision that is best for your organization but you can rest assured knowing that we are your partner and only want to help you make the best decision.

If you are in need of an IT consulting firm please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your project.


If you are in need of project management firm as well as consulting you’ve come to the right place. Often you really need to outsource both to get something done on time.

5 Process stages of Project Management life cycle

While these five groups are universal to any projects, the specifics within a project stage are unique to each client and project

  • Initiation – the project objective is identified, the project manager is assigned to the project and the project charter is created.
  • Planning and Design – project team is assigned; the project manager and the team work together to plan all of the needed steps to reach a successful project conclusion.  As the scope creep usually occurs in an average project, the planning processes are flexible in nature and may be adjusted in the course of the project.
  • Execution – the project team continuously executes the project plan to meet the goals of the project, with consideration to the flexibility of the planning and design.
  • Monitoring and Controlling – throughout the process, the project manager and assigned team members monitor and control the factors of the project, such as quality, time, cost, scope creep, risk, etc.. As planning, monitoring and control are also an ongoing process.
  • Completion – at the end of each phase and at the end of the entire project, project closure happens to ensure that all of the deliverables have been implemented, is approved, and ultimately transferred ownership from the project team to operations. With managed IT services companies – it is typical for the team delivering the project to maintain the project deliverables going forward.