Go Conquer Business

Go Conquer Business

Lets make your business thrive

Grow your business like a Rockstar. With us as your wingman you can go conquer clients while we take care of the boring bits.

Being a business owner can be tricky. Managing production, staff, taxes and the odd IT meltdown, it’s easy to get bogged down in the administrative details.

At OneHQ we believe that being in business should be fun. And often what isn’t. is the all the boring day to day administrative stuff. The good news is that if it sounds boring to you, it sounds good for us.

With our range of professional services, we can be your team of experts behind your team. Sort of like the person in an exam that whispers you the answers when you get stuck.

Whether you need a hand with your GST, aren’t sure which cloud server to choose, or simply want to have a beer with someone that will give you some honest answers. We’re your people.

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Accounting that makes more cents

Our team will act as your virtual CFO.

We’ll help you dot your I’s and cross your T’s

See how we can manage your IT services.

21 Oct 2019

Leading with company culture the only way to merger and acquisition success

M&A growth strategies promise a multitude of strategic opportunities; from rapid growth, eliminating competition, to access to new markets. In New Zealand M&A activity is at an all-time high, with a growing number of smaller businesses finding this is the most cost-effective way to scale.

The 5 business technology solutions every small business needs

... and the best in class apps to apply them!

1 Jul 2019

Kiwis over-estimating our own competence a set-up for business failure

The Kiwi feel-good factor, or our tendency to self-inflate our competence, is terrible for business and one of the reasons so many small and medium businesses fail every year.

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